Putujte s lakoćom: otkrijte pristupačan boravak uz HostRooster

At HostRooster, we firmly believe that travel should be an inclusive experience where everyone, regardless of their accessibility needs, can feel at home away from home. We are dedicated to making your travel adventures as seamless as possible. That’s why we are excited to introduce our new feature that allows you to search for accommodations with accessibility features tailored to your needs.

Putujte s lakoćom: otkrijte pristupačan boravak uz HostRooster
Putujte s lakoćom: otkrijte pristupačan boravak uz HostRooster


Accessibility Features: Your Path to Inclusive Travel

Step-free Guest Entrance: Finding a place with a step-free guest entrance is now a breeze. No more worrying about stairs or steps – just a smooth entry into your chosen accommodation.

Step-free Route to Guest Entrance: We understand that getting to the guest entrance is just as crucial. With this filter, you can ensure a step-free path right from the curb to your temporary home.

Guest Entrance Wider than 32 Inches: For those who require a more spacious entrance, this feature ensures that the door is wider than 32 inches, allowing easy access for mobility aids.

Accessible Parking Spot: We’ve got your parking needs covered too. Filter accommodations with accessible parking spots so you can conveniently park close to your stay.

Step-free Bedroom Access: Rest easy knowing that your bedroom is accessible without any steps or barriers.

Bedroom Entryway Wider than 32 Inches: If you need a wider entryway for your bedroom, this feature guarantees just that – an entryway wider than 32 inches.

Step-free Bathroom Access: Accessible bathrooms are a must for a comfortable stay. Filter accommodations with step-free access to the bathroom.

Bathroom Entryway Wider than 32 Inches: We ensure that bathroom entryways are spacious, making your daily routines hassle-free.

Shower or Bath Chair: Travelers who require additional support in the shower or bath can now find accommodations with shower or bath chairs.

Step-free Shower: For a seamless shower experience without any steps, this filter will guide you to the perfect place.

Toilet Grab Bars: Safety is paramount. Filter accommodations equipped with toilet grab bars for added peace of mind.

Tuš Grab Bars: Enjoy a secure shower experience with accommodations that feature shower grab bars.

Ceiling or Mobile Hoist: For travelers with unique mobility needs, this filter helps you discover accommodations equipped with ceiling or mobile hoists.

A Commitment to Inclusivity

At HostRooster, we are committed to fostering an inclusive travel community where everyone can find their ideal stay. Our new accessibility features are designed to ensure that you can search for and book accommodations that cater to your specific needs.

By providing these filters, we aim to empower travelers of all abilities to explore the world with confidence, knowing that their accommodation is tailored to their accessibility requirements.

HostRooster is more than just a platform; it’s a place where you can belong anywhere. We invite you to explore our enhanced accessibility features and embark on unforgettable travel experiences that are truly inclusive. Your journey begins with us – start searching for your perfect accessible stay today.

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